When Power Matters

Solid oxide fuel cells uniquely designed to offer reliable power — even in the harshest of conditions. Our propane and natural gas backup and portable power solutions are proven in military, transportation and telecommunications applications, and they are ideal for unmanned aerial or ground vehicles.


The ideal backup power for critical applications and extreme conditions, P250i integrates with grid, generator, wind or solar technologies to switch on and off as needed. It needs no oil changes, has no major moving parts and requires no maintenance, offering years of reliable backup.

This backpack-sized 350 Watt Solid Oxide Fuel Cell generator runs on propane, making D350 a natural replacement for remote batteries and chargers, especially in advanced Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance or expeditionary military applications.

Specifically developed as a lightweight and rugged power system, D350XR is preferred by the world’s largest military contractors and is the only fuel cell in its class running on propane. D350XR keeps drones flying longer and unmanned ground vehicles roaming farther.



Adaptive Energy is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of solid oxide fuel cells for backup and portable power applications. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and originating from technology commercialized out of the University of Michigan, the company was founded in 1999 and is dedicated to developing solutions that keep you powered when you need it the most, even in the harshest conditions.



Systems in the Field


UAVs Deployed


Lightweight Portable Power on Demand


Continuous Run Time (HR)





Operates in Harsh Environments


Weight Ratio of Batteries - Same Power

8 - 60V

Operating Voltage

40 dB

Quiet Operation


October 2, 2020

Ann Arbor-based Adaptive Energy donates PPE ahead of election.

September 16, 2020

NPR interviews AE Chairman Ranvir Gujral on why PPE is still in short supply.

March 29, 2020

Adaptive Energy shifts production under Arbor Apothecary to help manufacture PPE for COVID-19 response



We want to understand your application and can help you integrate a fuel cell into your power system anywhere in the world. Use the form to provide your contact information along with details on your application — load, duty cycle, battery type/chemistry, location coordinates, etc. We look forward to designing a power solution exclusively for you.


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