Personal Protective Equipment 


As a Critical Infrastructure Workerplace due to our fuel cell contracts with the government, we pivoted to PPE in March to support the COVID-19 fight. We leveraged existing global supply chain relationships to source isolation gowns and raw materials to manufacture our own PPE, allowing us to keep costs low.


We have become a trusted provider to hospitals, states, healthcare systems and first responders. To date, we’ve produced or distributed nearly 100 million pieces of PPE. And we've donated thousands more to our community and others in need.



We deliver hundreds of thousands of isolation gowns, medical face shields, hand sanitizer and other critical PPE every day to customers all over the country who trust us to help keep their people safe.


Our domestic and international partners have been vetted for quality, consistency and reliability. And, most importantly, integrity.


While other companies see critical orders tied up in Customs or delayed by low stock, we ensure you get the PPE you need — when you need it — because we work with the same logistics partners who have supported our fuel cell business for decades.

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Isolation Gowns

We work directly with manufacturers to bring you high-quality isolation gowns, at industry-leading prices. With washable and waterproof models so you can pick the cost-efficient product that works best for you. 

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AAMI Level I & II

PPE From Arbor Apothecary

Proudly made in Ann Arbor, MI

Our PPE storefront, Arbor Apothecary, offers a variety of items we manufacture in-house — from hand sanitizing liquid to face shields — plus other products we source directly from suppliers, including respirator masks, UV sanitizing boxes and more. With bulk discounts available on any product.

Hand Sanitizing Liquid

80% ethanol, hospital-grade sanitizing liquid  in purse-size bottles or gallon refills.

Bottled by Adaptive Energy.

Medical Face Shield

Premium latex-free product that covers the eyes, face and mouth, offering greater protection than wearing a mask alone.

Made by Adaptive Energy.

Touchless Door Opener

Avoid cross contamination from door handles, elevator buttons, ATMs, touch screens and more. In copper or plastic.

Made by Adaptive Energy.

KN95 Respirator Mask

Functionally equivalent to

N95 respirators. Approved for import under the FDA Emergency Use Authorization. Imported from China.

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