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Backup, offgrid, Portable, Continuous power

Low-Watt Power Systems

Adaptive Energy provides high-efficiency SOFC for critical, low-watt loads in remote, harsh environments. Our proprietary microtubular technology providing built-in redundancy is behind every product we offer, from 250W battery tenders in the Performer Series to the Defender Series D450 UAS range extender.

Engineered to Solve Uptime Challenges

Offering three unique product lines that have been proven in the field. Simple to integrate into any energy system, anywhere.

Performer Series

Our premier commercial offering, the Performer Series offers 250W and 1kW SOFCs for offgrid or backup power to critical loads in remote, harsh environments. The core advantages of Performer products are:


superior performance in extreme temperatures, from -40°C to 50°C


run on readily available fuel sources


low maintenance needs

Performer products offer days, weeks, and even months of reliable backup power — instead of just hours from more traditional battery-only or gas generator backup systems.

And for remote sites that are only accessible by air, fuel efficiency is important because one 20-pound tank of propane can keep a Performer product running 80 hours.


Defender Series

Defender Series portable power systems function as range extenders, and many are designed for use in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

The backpack-sized D350XR is preferred by the world’s largest military contractors and is the only fuel cell in its class running on propane.

The D450 was developed in partnership with Lockheed Martin for use in the Stalker XE UAS.

Endurance Series

Choose Endurance Series products for critical, low-watt commercial loads that require continuous primary or auxiliary power.

Using the same high-efficiency technology behind the Performer Series, systems in the Endurance line are optimized to run at least 10,000 hours on less than 10 system cycles and are ideal for use in midstream oil/gas applications such as pipeline monitoring and cathodic protection.

R&D As A Service

After two decades working with government agencies, research institutions and universities around the world to develop low-watt power solutions, Adaptive Energy now offers our research and development capabilities as a service.

We leverage our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, production expertise and testing capabilities to help you bring new technology to market.

Our services enable you to get the most out of your Adaptive Energy SOFC products

Optional Remote Monitoring

Never worry about when your system will lose power due to low fuel. With our telematics portal, you can monitor the health of your stack in real-time and easily plan ahead for refueling visits on a schedule that meets your needs.

Simulate Performance Before You Purchase

Based on your existing configuration (load, battery size, auxiliary inputs such as solar or wind, location), we can model how our systems can improve your uptimes. Showing total energy cost, lifetime cycles and run hours, maintenance intervals and more.

Everything You Need, In One Place

Have complete confidence that your system will work seamlessly — and integrate into your existing configuration — because we make all the components you need to get started, from the fuel filter to the weatherized enclosure and everything in between.

Support You Can Count On

We offer 24/7 support, including on-site troubleshooting and in-house repairs by trained engineering technicians. Plus, our regular software updates ensure your products are on the latest operating system.

Fuel Cell FAQs

Learn more about our patented microtubular fuel cell technology and find out how it can enhance your energy system.

What makes your products reliable?

Unlike all other types of fuel cells, our proprietary microtubular design offers built-in redundancy. Power controls on the stack allow individual fuel cells to fail, so the system will never go down even if a single tube falters. Our products offer peace of mind that your load will be powered no matter what.

Do your systems operate in extreme cold?


Other technologies are vulnerable to failure in freezing environments: Thermoelectric generators (TEG) produce liquid water during the reaction, and proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEM) or direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC) must be kept moist. However, our Solid Oxide Fuel Cells are engineered to store, start and operate in temperatures from -40°C to 50°C. They produce no liquid water and are constructed of heat-resistant ceramic tubes that will not freeze. This means you’ll never have downtimes caused by cold weather.

What’s your fuel efficiency?

Our systems operate at 20% fuel efficiency, which is significantly greater than other technologies like thermoelectric generators (TEGs) or gas/diesel generators. Plus, our systems run on propane, which is cleaner than diesel and bypasses the carbon inefficiencies of converting hydrogen into power. When decarbonization is crucial to your business, our SOFCs are the only option.

Can a 250W system operate at a lower output?

Yes. And operating at a lower output would extend the system's run hours but not its cycles. The degradation during cycles is accumulated during the warming and cooling period, not how many times it cycles on and off.

Do your products integrate with hybrid power systems?

Yes. Our products integrate seamlessly with A/C grid, generator, battery, DC-DC, wind or solar technologies — even serving as the rectifier if necessary — or can be included in new installations. To minimize lifecycle cost, we provide targeted engineering support for each application. 

How long can a 250W system run on a 20-lb propane tank?

One 20-pound BBQ-sized tank of propane from your local gas station can keep one of our Solid Oxide Fuel Cell systems running for 80 hours. This gives you plenty of time to schedule a site visit to switch out the propane tanks before the system runs out of fuel.


What Is Your Uptime Challenge?

Our custom performance model simulates how our products can improve your uptimes and reduce your total energy cost. Contact us today to find out how we can help.