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Everything You Need to Get Running With SOFC

Our low-watt power products are highly customizable so you can configure any way you need, whether it’s a new installation or an integration into your existing system.

Manufactured in Ann Arbor

One System, One Source 

We design and manufacture all the necessary components right here in Ann Arbor, so you’ll never have to worry about compatibility. And we’ll help you make sure your full energy system is optimized for efficiency.

Custom Kit Build

When you purchase a power product from Adaptive Energy or one of our distributor partners, we work with you to build a custom kit to fit your specific energy needs. All components sold separately. Your kit can include:



This is the fuel cell that your system revolves around. Our latest generation comes equipped with an internal data logger that sends fuel cell data to telematics websites, so you can remotely track fuel levels, cycles, run hours and more. The system ships to you in low-carbon packaging made with cardboard-based clamshells to protect against heavy vibrations.

Battery and Electrical Interface Cables

Custom cables in varying lengths provide durable connections to ensure uptimes. Three are available: one connects the fuel cell directly to a battery’s terminals, the second is used to connect into an electrical system, and a third is available as a replacement for a damaged wire harness.


Exhaust Duct Kits

Adapt the exhaust port on the fuel cell to a 4.5 inch HVAC duct with varying lengths of high temperature silicone ducting and hose clamps, which are used to hold the exhaust duct to the adapter flanges. Customize your duct kit based on your unique needs.


Fuel Handling System

This is what connects to the fuel tank, regulates pressure, connects to the fuel filter and ultimately delivers fuel to the fuel cell. With multiple options, you’re able to get the system that makes the most sense for your unique needs. 


Mounting Assemblies

Whether using your own enclosure or one of ours, these specialized mounts and brackets ensure proper integration and are designed to minimize vibration impacts. Two are available: one to mount the fuel cell on a horizonal shelf and one to mount it in a 19” telecom rack mounting system.


Offering three options, plus necessary integration hardware to protect your SOFC from weather, theft, tampering and more.


Part of the standard custom kit is one of three enclosure options, which are:

  • Single fuel cell enclosure for foundation or building mount, designed for wayside rail use
  • Dual fuel cell enclosure for operation of two 250W units
  • Weather-resistant enclosure

Need something more custom? We can design specialized mounts for use inside your existing container and work with you to manufacture it. Download the full spec sheet for more information.

customize your sofc enclosure


Optional features to get more value out of your system.

Multi-Unit Controller

Get up to 8kW of power with this controller that allows for parallel operation of up to 8 Performer or Endurance units. That’s a 2kW array of 250W products or an 8kW array of 1kW products.


Our online portal provides real-time insight into system operation, so you can get alerts about key status conditions and schedule refueling visits before the system runs out of propane. Choose from a cellular or satellite kit.


What Is Your Uptime Challenge?

Our custom performance model simulates how our products can improve your uptimes and reduce your total energy cost. Contact us today to find out how we can help.