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Defender series

Lightweight Power for Unmanned Vehicles

The United States and foreign militaries, from the USMC to USAF, depend on Defender Series range extenders for mission-critical power in UAV, UUV and UGV.

Engineered for Military Needs

Our Defender Series products were developed to maximize mission duration by providing vital range-extending power as well as lightweight battery chargers for use in the field. All ITAR-free.

Core advantages of Defender products:


Operate on locally available propane


Significant weight advantage over traditional portable battery options


Specifically designed for expeditionary uses


Fuel consumption dependent on load, to maximize mission duration


MIL-SPEC testing


Excel even in extreme temperatures


Need no routine maintenance



Benefits Of The Defender Series

They’re highly durable — thanks to our proprietary microtubular design which offers built-in redundancy. Offering more power at a lighter weight and with quieter mechanics than is possible with other portable power options like batteries.

Run on Propane

Readily available anywhere in the world.


At 60 dB (A), Defender products are as quiet as a computer and hard to detect.


Pound for pound, Defender products produce 6x more energy than batteries due to the energy density of propane.


Limited moving parts means systems require no routine maintenance.


Rigorous shock, vibration and drop testing ensures systems won’t be damaged in transit and will perform in any environment.


Heat-resistant ceramic tubes keep Defender products excelling even in extreme temps, from -40°C to 50°C.


Fuel consumption rate dependent on load conditions to maximize mission duration.


Systems start at just 5 lbs, minimizing impact to combat load.


Microtubular design provides built-in redundancy, so the system stays up even if a tube inside the stack fails.

Defender Series Products & System Components

Explore all options available in the Defender line, along with key components that make up a full system.

D350 Portable Power

Backpack-sized 350W SOFC  that runs on propane and offers 30 mission cycles or 600 total hours of operation. This ground-based unit powers battery chargers, so field personnel can recharge without returning home.

D350XR Range Extender

Lightweight and rugged power system that keeps drones flying longer and unmanned ground vehicles roaming farther – up to 30 cycles or 600 hours. D350XR is preferred by the world’s largest military contractors and is the only fuel cell in its class running on propane.

D450 Range Extender

450W SOFC that runs on propane and offers 60 mission cycles or 2,500 hours of continuous operation. Developed with Lockheed Martin for the Stalker XE UAS.

Military Use Cases

Defense applications require lightweight power sources that are quiet, small, hard to detect — and long-running. Lives depend on it.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

From search and rescue to ordnance disposal, UGV keep soldiers safer and can’t stop to refuel.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Reliable, lightweight power keeps drones up until the mission is complete.

Unattended Ground Sensors

Data collection is key for intelligence, where  deployment time is critical.

Remote Battery Charging

Soldiers in the field can’t return to base every time they need to recharge.

Expeditionary Activities

Safety is at risk if ISR missions are cut short because of low power.

Designed to Maximize Mission Endurance

Defender Series SOFC are silent, lightweight range extenders that run on propane and offer a 6x increase in mission duration over batteries.

Defender products are designed to maximize power-to-weight, providing unparalleled energy and mission duration. They electrochemically convert propane into power to charge onboard batteries. SOFC are so efficient that they can replace 90% of batteries, for a sixfold increase in mission duration.

And because these systems operate on LPG — readily available anywhere in the world — logistics support is simple.

The SOFC are engineered for all-weather performance. They tolerate fine dust and rain and will not freeze. That’s because they are made of heat-resistant ceramic tubes and can store, start and operate from -20°C to 55°C.

Defender Products Integrate Easily With

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV)

Universal Battery Chargers


What Is Your Uptime Challenge?

Our custom performance model simulates how our products can improve your uptimes and reduce your total energy cost. Contact us today to find out how we can help.