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Performer series

250W & 1kW Backup or Offgrid Power Systems

Highly durable propane-powered battery tenders that integrate seamlessly with wind, solar or other alternative technologies. Offering peace of mind that critical applications will stay up, even during extreme circumstances.

Superior Performance

Our high-efficiency Performer Series is designed as a line of battery tenders to undergo many thermal cycles. These products provide up to 8kW in remote, harsh environments and are highly durable, thanks to the proprietary microtubular stack design that provides built-in redundancy. 

Core advantages of Performer products:



Can cycle at least 250 times for 3000 hours


Excel even in extreme cold because they’re engineered to store, start and operate in temperatures from -40°C to 50°C


Constant 250W or 1kW output, with no degradation at end of life


Fuel-efficient, with 80 hours of run time on just 20 lbs of propane


Need no routine maintenance


Lightweight and easy to install with just a few screws

Benefits Of The Performer Series

With our Performer Series, your critical infrastructure stays up regardless of weather, grid failure or disaster conditions. So maintainers don’t go into dangerous environments to refuel, repair or replace equipment. 

These long-lasting products can cycle 250 times and run up to 3,000 hours. Plus, thanks to the fuel efficiency of propane, remote sites need fewer refueling visits — a single 20-pound tank from the nearest gas station can keep a Performer product running 80 hours, giving you plenty of time to schedule a refueling visit before the system runs out of propane. 

And larger supplies of propane provide an even longer duration between refueling visits.

With the latest-generation P250i power system, we solicited customer feedback to ensure we built the features that are essential in the field:

    • Fuel throttling at end of life
    • Standalone fuel reset button
    • Requiring just a few screws to install

So you can rely Performer products to be simple to maintain and highly reliable.

Performer Series products are also drop- and subject-tested to simulate how they might react to being tossed into a truck, riding on a trailer or operating beside a railroad. So you never have to worry about vibration impact to your system.

Built-in serial communications technology allows for remote monitoring, providing 24/7 real-time insight into system operation — or your fleet. Get alerts about key status conditions, performance updates and low fuel notices so you can time refueling visits when it’s convenient for you.


Have undergone rigorous shock, vibration and drop testing to ensure systems will perform in any environment.


Have no major moving parts, as fuel filtration is external. The only maintenance required is a restack after 3,000 hours of use.


Made of heat-resistant ceramic tubes and excel in extreme temps, from – 40°C to 50°C. Fuel cell reaction produces no liquid water, so Performer products will not freeze. 


Fuel is consumed only when the battery needs recharging, meaning low fuel needs.


At 19 lbs for P250i and 60 for P1000, Performer products are easy to move.


Built-in serial communications and IP data logging allow for remote monitoring, so you can schedule refueling visits in advance.


Fuel throttling at end of life ensures constant power output, so the Performer system will always keep up with your load.


With just a few screws for the mounting feet and rails, even maintainers with no previous knowledge can quickly install.


Wide input voltage range  (8-60VDC) with no internal battery to be recharged or jump-started.


Can be controlled as a fleet thanks to remote monitoring.


Easy to integrate into solar, wind, or other infrastructure with minimal effort.

Use Cases for Performer Series

Flexible enough for a range of low-watt commercial applications and tough enough to power through even the harshest of conditions. Here are just a few industries that rely on Performer Series.

Mobile Solar Power

Performer Series SOFC charge batteries during periods of extended darkness, so the solar trailer can power the load no matter what.

Border Security

Uniquely designed to integrate with renewables, Performer Series SOFC provide stationary offgrid power for essential cameras, sensors, radio  networks and other security equipment.

Freight Rail

Performer Series SOFC provide AC grid backup or offgrid power to crossings, signals and switches, offering nearly 10x more run hours on equivalent fuel compared to a diesel generator.

Environmental Monitoring

When harsh conditions jeopardize hybrid power systems, integrating Performer Series SOFC keeps batteries charged so important decisions can continue to be made based on vital environmental data.

How They Work

Optimized For Durability

Individual fuel cells are bundled into a stack, using a proprietary microtubular design that provides superior efficiency thanks to power control electronics integrated into a single thermal package. This built-in redundancy means the stack continues to work even if one tube goes down. 

Each tube is a fuel cell that can generate 5-15W of power. We use readily available cold- and high-temperature sealing technologies to combine the tubes into a larger, more durable, and highly resilient stack. 

And unlike other types of fuel cells, ours produce a constant power output and do not become brittle or degrade with age. Performer products are designed to operate for 250 cycles or 3,000 hours before needing a restack.

SOFC Configuration

Easy to Integrate

Performer Series products are flexible enough to add into new installations or integrate with existing systems.


Solar Charge Controllers

DC-DC Converters

Fused External




What Is Your Uptime Challenge?

Our custom performance model simulates how our products can improve your uptimes and reduce your total energy cost. Contact us today to find out how we can help.